• knitting
  • bootees

    Back home in our mountains, a dear friend just welcomed her second baby boy into the world. Before we left for the summer, I managed to get a little pair of bootees on and off the needles in double quick time. I knit them in the evenings but also during our daily walks in the […]

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  • wool at school

    Flick carding wool

    It’s almost a year now since these pictures were taken. Last May on a sunny and very hot day, I gave a woolly workshop at a school in a nearby village. There is never enough time to unravel all the secrets of wool in just one afternoon. But there was enough time to touch the […]

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  • spinning


    I’ve been spinning for two years now. Spinning has made me a more yarn-conscious, mindful knitter. It’s  introduced me to the world of breed specific yarn. Processing greasy fleece has taught me to feel for variation in fibre. To slow down and listen to the way the wool wishes to become yarn. Terms like lustre, […]

  • spinning
  • fleece

    For the past two years, corners of our house have been filled with bags of greasy, dirty, lanolin covered fleeces, gathered directly from local farms at shearing time. Little by little, I have been working my way through these fleeces – learning as I go about skirting & sorting but also experimenting with a variety […]

  • wool
  • yurt


    A month or so ago, we made some new friends at the weekly farmer’s market and two days later found ourselves invited for tea. At their yurt. Seeing how this little family of five live in this beautiful but very simple way gave us plenty to think about. And set us to wondering ever more […]

  • wool
  • sheepy dreams


    As I dreamt of harvesting this summer’s crop of tomatoes with our babe, I let my eyes wander to the adjoining field where my father-in-laws brother flock of three sheep were grazing amongst the apple trees. And there my mind wandered to other dreams. I have the tiniest of (sheepy) dreams that one day we […]

  • family
  • mild

    Winter should be digging in its heels, but since we got back from Ariège, the sun has been summer bright & the temperature mild. The snow has all but melted down here in the village, but the peaks round about are all still gleaming gloriously white. Yesterday, we took the bébé for a walk in […]

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  • back home


    Almost two months of family and friends, both sides of the channel. There have been plenty of challenges these past weeks, but also plenty of joys in between. It was good to be away, but it’s also nice to be finally back home. So here we are now, back in our beloved mountains. And like […]

  • family
  • growth


    Whenever we’re in Brittany, we spend as much time as possible outside in parent-in-laws garden and their little allotment, situated on the old family farm. My beau père is a keen veggie grower and it’s always a joy to be sent off with a bucket and fork to dig up some spuds for lunch. This […]