Month: June 2015

the ending

DSC_0514And so we are beginning with an ending.
Sometime soon, the time will come for the sun to set on these final, glorious days of pregnancy…only to rise again the following dawn on the whole new adventure that will be parenthood.
Because as I sit here writing these words in a public library, I can sense what feels like a sort of grinding deep down in my belly. Not contractions, I think. But a sort of warming up for what is to come.¬† The baby will come when s/he’s ready, of course. But it feels like we are on the brink. And now after nine months of growing this love in my body, we are ready.
At this late stage, I expected to feel overwhelmed by exhaustion, creeping anxiety or fearfullness. Instead I am calm and prepared,able to greet the nausea and aches I’m feeling as if they are old friends to be welcomed rather than enemies to fear. I’m ready and willing to welcome the pain, the fatigue and the unknown that will come with the birth of this child.
But at the same time, in these last few moments before the sun sets ( will they last minutes, hours, days, weeks – who can know) I want to live fully in every final moment of this joyful, sun drenched journey towards motherhood.