Month: October 2015

quiet mornings

seed heads
Quiet mornings at home come as a soothing balm after a challenging night… I pad about our little nest, baby sleeping peacefully in the scarf doing only gentle tasks – folding a few freshly washed nappies, making myself a cup of herbal tea. When there is a little more energy to spare, there are my creative projects, that are mainly about yarn…the return to my wheel…a scarf and a future pair of mittens for me…and a little hat for him.


ferns The start of the autumn has brought shorter days but ever increasing strength and energy. The mild weather is an ever present invitation for explorations. Nearly every afternoon whilst his papa is at work, I put the babe in the sling and go out for a walk.
These daily walks about the valley are becoming as vital to me as breathing. The sheer act of putting one foot in front of the other somehow quietens my mind and keeps me calm. I also revel in these walks as a way of introducing our son to the world, seeing as he has only really just arrived here. As I rediscover old favourite paths with the baby now on the outside, I sometimes wonder what it must feel like to be experiencing everything for the first time. Then remember with a jolt that in many ways everything is new for me too. There are new joys but also new fears. New challenges but also new strengths thanks to this ever blossoming love.