Month: January 2016

back home

Almost two months of family and friends, both sides of the channel. There have been plenty of challenges these past weeks, but also plenty of joys in between. It was good to be away, but it’s also nice to be finally back home.
So here we are now, back in our beloved mountains. And like everyone else, wondering if winter will ever come. Getting along quietly with life, with our baby. Taking each day as it comes. Trying to live slowly. And sustainably. Because really, that’s the best path for me. Breathing in. Breathing out.
But all the time, keeping our eyes on the hills, ready to grab the next adventures that may well just be blown in on the next gust of wind.


gardeningWhenever we’re in Brittany, we spend as much time as possible outside in parent-in-laws garden and their little allotment, situated on the old family farm. My beau père is a keen veggie grower and it’s always a joy to be sent off with a bucket and fork to dig up some spuds for lunch.
This time, I tied the babe on me, pulled on my wellies and took him to watch his grandpère getting grubbing on a chilly January afternoon. Come the spring, when our man will be starting to eat, he’ll be out here again sowing the seeds of the summer crop into the ground. And not long after that, we’ll be here again, those seedlings will have already grown and we’ll be harvesting them with him tied on our backs. Or if he’s already toddling by that time, that he’ll be helping us pick.
DSC_0055 DSC_0041


A walk beside the Breton sea on this first day of a new year.
Slowly, we say hello to 2016. If last year was dedicated to embracing the wondrous gift of parenthood, we hope that in this coming one, we have the opportunity to embrace new projects that lead us towards fulfillment us as a family.
As this year unfolds, we shall endeavour to walk on slowly and with confidence, whether the paths be well-worn or unfamiliar.