Month: May 2016


Days and nights are busy. Home is where we spend most of our time. Weeks, days, hours seem to melt into one another. We are consumed with the routines of daily life; keeping up with the washing-up, staying on top of the laundry pile, keeping up with the little one who is becoming more and more active (if still not yet on the move).
Since his first little tooth broke the surface a month ago, he loves to nibble anything and everything. What better way to explore the world with first mouth, then fingers.
At times we struggle with it all. But our remedy (apart from rest) is letting it all go and heading out for a walk in the woods or fields round about. Being outside come rain or shine has been as vital a part of parenthood for us as keeping the washing machine turning.

change & growth

Summer is coming. It must be the warm sun and singing birds. The absence of sheep bells as we watch the animals get moved up to the pasture lands. The season is changing and our baby is growing rapidly. As we approach this first birthday milestone, deep down inside, we wonder what change & growth may just be waiting for us around the corner.

back then

May. Sometimes when I’m floating off to sleep, my mind wanders back to to remember that time last May when the little warm prescence now sleeply soundly in the bed beside me was sleeping inside my belly.

Back then, six weeks off my due date, there was so much unknown in the air. Lots of changes in my body and mind. The nights were starting to become hard, tossing and turning and lots of belly movement. With little (big) kicks here and there reminding me to stay present and to stand up straight.