Month: June 2016


Oh how the days have flown! Summer, Autumn, Winter & Spring have been and gone.
And the little love that was once growing inside my belly has now spent one year growing outside on the earth.


Life is so different now. What was one year ago now seems so incredibly distant. I can’t quite remember how it was to have two free hands, to read a book about things other than babies. To prepare a meal with no interuptions (or anyone on my back). To spend time in the bathroom alone. To eat slowly. To have a lie in.

And yet.

Each new morning brings so many new joys and challenges to unwrap together as a three, how could we mourn what was before?


that night

The memories of that night are fading like the clouds that surrendered to the thin air in that high region. It was the start of summer, and the start of this whole new chapter. Not that we knew it in that moment, sat out on the hillside. Watching the full moon rise, and the sun set. Seeing the mountains disolve in the blue of the distnace. The warm wind on our skin. His arms wrapped around me, his hands on my belly. And that baby, so quiet and still. As if he was gathering himself up, readying. Breathing in and out. Feeling our hearts beat, always one eye watching the endless sky so close you can almost touch it and the other one looking into the abyss.

lying low

It’s June. Almost the end. I’ve been distant, but not intentionally. Underneath this silence, a great deal of things have been going on in our little life. The spring showers of May brought with them poorly health for first the babe, then me. Meaning that there’s not been much spare energy to do anything else than lie low and take each day as it came. It’s been an exhausting and rather worrying time these past six weeks. I’m glad we’re slowly getting back to the normal rhythm of things.