I am a hand spinner, knitter and natural dyer, living and working slowly with wool half-way up a mountain in the French Pyrénées.

My work with wool – spinning, knitting, natural dyeing – is motivated by a love for the natural world surrounding me in my adopted Pyrenean valley. From  the towering peaks to the silent forests, the infinite skies, the crystal waters, the raging torrents, the pine and beech forests and the meadows. Every weather pattern, every leaf and flower, rock formation and mountain outline is a source of solace, peace and inspiration.   An invitation to seek balance and a more mindful, slow-paced way of living.

If my work is inspired by the environment that provides the raw materials, it is also driven by a deep rooted desire to help sustain and reinvigorate the local wool industry and perpetuate and pass down traditional artisanal techniques and ways of working with wool.

This is a place to document the discoveries, experiments and creations that form each intentionally slow step of my own personal fibre journey. This is a place to delight in slow & sustainable wool. Wool that’s been grown, gathered, and crafter in our mountains: hand-spun on spindle & wheel, dyed with plants, knitted on my needles.


(You can also find me here & here … and read a little more about me here.)

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