Annabel babe cardigan

csc_0298Autumn will soon be giving way to winter and all around me dear women in my life are entering or on the cusp of entering a new season in their lives, that of motherhood. One of my oldest childhood friends has just become a maman here in France, and there is also a dear friend expecting her second child and a special cousin expecting her first. All in all, it’s the perfect excuse to dive deep into my stash & get stuck into some baby knitting.

Perhaps once I’ve made it to the end of the list of things I want to knit for these new little people, I’ll have made a significant dent in some of the yarns I’ve accumulated since I was pregnant and never got round to using for our own dear baby boy? I’m also anticipating it as the perfect opportunity to discover some lovely new knits for littles.

I’ve started off the proceedings with this gorgeous garter stitch cardigan designed by Carrie Hoge. It’s a pattern I’ve only very recently discovered and I so wish I had known about it when I was expecting. Garter stitch has rapidly become one of my favourite stitches for baby knits, as much for the cozy fabric it produces as for the practicality, I find it so much easier than stocking stitch to manoeuvre on to tiny limbs!

I started by knitting it up in a Burgundy cotton, something from my deep, deep stash…before realising 3/4 in that I didn’t have enough yarn to make it to the end. So I ripped it back and made it instead from this nautical navy blue cotton/linen/tencel blend. Just perfect for my friend’s little boy, as she met her Mauritian husband whilst they were both working below stairs on an ocean liner. Keeping with the nautical theme, I’m making a little fish mobile to hang in little baby E’s nursery with the leftovers from this and another project.

Annabelle Babe Cardigan // pattern // my project

Fish on the line Mobile // pattern // my project

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  1. Bonjour
    Pouvez vous me dire si le modèle est en français car j’aimerais le faire pour mon petit fils en 6 mois

    • Bonjour Josc,

      Non, malheuresement le modèle n’est qu’en anglais. Par contre, il est assez simple à tricoter donc si jamais vous avez le courage d’essayer de tricoter en anglais je pense que c’est un modèle assez simple à comprendre pour une francophone.
      Laineusement, Fran

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