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last & first

The mohair bear was my last project of the old year…and the hat is my first thing cast on (for me!) this new one. After a few evenings of swatching trying out different needle sizes and stitch patterns, l’ve settled on casting on 72 stitches on size 4.5mm needles, a brim in 2×2 rib followed by some colour work inspired by this project. I’m hoping it will knit up fairly quickly into a cozy beanie because we’ve started the year with a real cold snap and amazingly and after knitting up so many hats for my menfolk recently, I don’t seem to have anything adequate to keep my own head warm! I’m really excited to see how the colour work turns out and think it will be the perfect way to use up the leftover balls of yarn from one of my favourite hand spun projects of 2016.

As for my making, I have some intentions for the coming year, which I’ll talk more about in a future post. For now, it is enough to go slowly & gently into this new year. Wishing you a very happy 2017 and hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are!

ps: I’d love to hear about your last & first projects, whether knitting, spinning, sewing or otherwise, if you’d like to share below!


bear-ibear iiI had a vague notion that I would try to finish off all my current knitting projects for the end of the year. Although I’ve made great headway these past weeks, recently distractions have been lining up to keep me away from my needles. Not that I mind. Not yet. Freezing cold mornings, blue skies and sunshine and some quarters of German mohair found deep within my stash are bringing me back to my roots as a maker and being transformed into a series of sweet little bears.

I really should be baby knitting. But it’s so lovely to sit beside the glow of the fire in the evening and busy myself with these little¬†bears in between.

Is anything keeping you from your knitting needles at the moment?