Hello there! I’m Fran, a mama, home-maker & maker.

I live with my French sweetheart and our little boy in the rolling green hills of western Brittany, France. We began our journey together in a tiny mountain village in the French Pyrenees, surrounded by towering mountains, a part of a close-knit group of villagers. But as our family life moved from two to three, so did our needs. And so unexpectedly last summer, we upped sticks and moved further north & west than before, to the ancient Breton mountains, the Monts d’Arrée.

We are excited by this oppurtuntity to be closer to our respective families for a few months. But also for the oppurtunity to become immersed in a new landscape and land base and to embrace projects that fulfill and sustain us individually and as a family.

This coming year, we hope to (finally) begin taking baby steps towards a more manageable & sustainable life as a family. One which will have us outside in the great wide open as much as possible. And ultimately one which will also enable me to work with wool, dye & fibre plants more closely.

We are interested in learning more about permaculture, self-sufficiency and off grid living. We hope very soon to have a patch of earth to call our own, back in the Pyrenees mountains where we feel so at home. It will be a place where we can build a little (woolly) nest, grow our food, own fibre & dye plants…and maybe keep a few sheep.

Until then, we are here to make the most of the oppurtunities around us – to try, to learn & to meet other like minded folk. I can’t wait to get started.

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